Slip Apartments

Yale School of Architecture
Spring 2018 Core II
Critic Andrew Benner
The Slip Apartments accomodates two low income households, an individual and a family of three. Sandwiched in between two buildings, the house is situated in a 12 foot alleyway with a thoroughfare maintained below. The two households share an open air circulation core before entering their respective homes.

Site: 12’ Alley

The building acts to interlock the spaces between the family unit and the single unit to maximize efficiency. The apartment for the individual is composed of two levels, using a loft space to separate the kitchen and working spaces from the sleeping area. Small openings in the facade bring in ample lighting while maintaining privacy from the street. The third and fourth levels compose the family unit, incorporating the 'third condition' of the circulation core into the apartment. Slips in the floor plan turn a floor into a dining area and maximize ceiling heights.

Concept: Slippage

The actions of pushing and pulling the perimeter confront the occupation within the homes, creating a dynamic space experienced in section. Through the articulation of 'slippage' between the apartments, light and voids are introduced into the space while maintaining privacy and autonomy between the family and the individual. The circulation acts as a third condition, a space between interior and expertior, and subverts both experiences. This third condition maintains visual connectivity through circulation and also acts as the building's structural support the vertical element for sequential continuity.